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Nina Sellars

Creation is an interactive computer installation that re-stages Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam. Taking only three of the figures from the original painting and recreating them as virtual 3D anatomical constructs, Creation presents the figures as partially finished, hollow bodies with their internal anatomy worn only as skins. The artist's anatomical pencil drawings, completed in separate sections, were digitally stitched together to form an external covering on the wire frame armatures.

The wall-projected animation is 5 metres tall.  When the viewer enters the installation space they are positioned so as to see the figures as if through the eyes of Adam. The viewer's movement around the space, detected by way of camera sensors, animates the figures creating a choreography between the screen image and the viewer. The figures rotate and pass through each other, as fixed individual components, in what appears as a mechanical process.

On the adjacent wall is projected a screen from the computer showing the sine wave pattern indicating the sensors activity. Sound has also been mapped on to each individual figure and is produced in surround sound.

Creation was exhibited at the John Curtin Gallery, Curtin University as part of the Perth International Arts Festival, 2005, and funded by an ArtsWA BEAPworks Grant, for research and development of electronic arts.