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Nina Sellars
Stelarc & Nina Sellars

Engingeering-Adam Fiannaca � Sound Design-Rainer Linz

Blender is an installation created in collaboration with the performance artist Stelarc. Both artists underwent surgery to remove biomaterials; from Stelarc's torso and Sellars limbs. The extracted bio-materials, from the bodies of both artists, are housed in a custom built blender of anthropomorphic dimensions.

Every few minutes Blender automatically circulates its contents via a pneumatic actuator connected to a system of compressed air pumps. The click of the solenoid switch operating the blending mechanism has been subtly amplified. With added distortion and digital delay it provides an audible pulse to a liquid body.

Blender was exhibited at the Meat Market Gallery, as part of the TekniKunst 05 Contemporary Technology Festival, Melbourne, 2005.

Blender: Acrylic, aluminium, stainless steel, pneumatics, electronics

Blender contents: Adipose (subcutaneous fat) from Nina's limbs and Stelarc's torso, peripheral nerves, saline solution, zylocain (local anaesthetic), O+blood, ethanol, adrenalin

Dimensions: h160cm x w100cm x d100cm