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Nina Sellars

Scan (graphic wall image)
laser cut adhesive-backed matte vinyl film (red and black) placed directly onto white gallery wall. Image size: 140cm x 97.5cm


The focus in Scan is on the enactment of knowledge, as it unfolds as a process, through the imaging of anatomy. Scan contains an encoded body of information in the graphic form of a QR (quick response) code. The code links to, and activates, an online animation that comprises MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scans of the artist's brain. Sellars' brain has been encoded and decoded, and made visible through multiple acts of mediation.

In Scan the brain is not only dematerialised, but also mobilised, taking it from the physical space of the gallery to the virtual space of the Internet. When a gallery visitor scans the QR code on their mobile phone, it hyperlinks them to a URL site that hosts the auto-play animation. This enables viewers to leave the exhibition with effectively a little brain playing in the palm of their hand.

The MRI scans in the animation show the artist's brain after the surgical removal of a tumour that was situated centrally in the brain on the pineal gland.

Scan has been exhibited at:

Daejeon Museum of Art, South Korea − 'Project Daejeon 2014: The Brain'  2014

The Festival of New Media Art and Video in Mexico City, Mexico − 'Biomediations Transito-MX05' 2013 

Ian Potter Museum, Melbourne University, Australia                'A Body of Knowledge  The Anatomy Lesson' 2012/2013 

Fehily Contemporary, Melbourne, Australia 'The Optics of Anatomy and Light' (solo exhibition) − 2012

Wellcome Collection, London, UK'Brains: The Mind as Matter'2012

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